Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Find us at the AA’s 47th National Amenity Arboriculture Conference!

Our Exhibition Stand at the 2010 AA Conference!
The Arboricultural Association's 47th Annual Conference is being held on 8th - 11th September 2013 at Exeter University & ezytreev is going to be in attendance!  Find us on Exhibits 11 and 23.

ra Information Systems has recently celebrated 25 years in business. A major part of our success can be attributed to the ezytreev tree management system, which is modular in design with many user-definable features and incorporates our own ezyMap mapping system. ezyMap includes direct supports for both Os MasterMap, and direct embedded support for corporate ArcGIS and MapInfo based systems.

On Display at our Exhibition Stands:

· ezytreev for Android and iPhone/iPad

Lots of Android and iPhone/iPad gadgets for you to test drive with our ezytreev data collection app...plus ‘meet the developers’ and tell them what you think!

· ezytreev SmartSync

On-site data collection with all the advantages of a ‘live’ link, but without the danger of being unable to work because you have lost signal!

· Parks & General Asset Management

A new module which can be added to an existing system or used independently, offering onsite data collection and inspection of Parks and General Assets.

Come and pay us a visit, ezytreev will more than speak for itself!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Out on the road with ezytreev...

Rachel Judge, our dedicated ezytreev Sales Consultant, is increasingly on the road providing training & demonstrations to councils & contractors across the UK...so why is ezytreev becoming more and more popular? Please read on for Q&A's with our very own Rachel...

Why do you think interest in ezytreev is on the increase?
ezytreev is now long established and we have proved our reliability throughout this time. With council budgets becoming more and more restricted; a strong, solid system is paramount and ezytreev fits into this requirement so we do get a lot of word of mouth recommendations from council to council. We now have a vast list of ezytreev users, both contractors and councils.  This goes a long way to showing potential users that we have the relevant experience and knowledge to provide an effective system on a long term basis.

What normally takes place at an ezytreev demonstration?
I present the demonstration with my colleague Rob Dabbs who deals with all things technical.  We start with a presentation of the extensive range of modules comprised within ezytreev.  We like to bring along a few different types of handheld devices for people to play with.  We then demonstrate the desktop system based upon the modules that are of particular interest to the potential users.  We provide documentation and free ezytreev goodies too!  The demonstrations normally last for approximately 2 hours.

Friday, 10 May 2013

ra Information Systems turns 25 Today!


successful years in the IT Industry today...

so you know you are in safe hands!

Visit our website for all that ra can do for you!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Invitation to Tender for Tree Health, Pest & Disease Surveys – England

Invitation to Tender from Forestry Commission  for Experienced Tree Surveyors
Image Source: Ground Control Group
The Forestry Commission is inviting tenders from suitably experienced and competent tree surveyors, for a framework agreement for the provision of a woodland and tree surveys (including potentially urban trees) to detect, assess and sample for the presence and extent of specific tree pests and diseases for the next 3 years.
  • The services will be awarded as lots, for 14 separate areas to cover all of England
  • The anticipated contract start date will be 15 February 2013 to be completed by 15 February 2016
  • The estimated total value of the framework is up to £500,000

Monday, 21 January 2013

QR Codes Added to Trees to Help Walkers Identify Species and Get More Information

QR codes added to trees in Newmillerdam Country park so walkers can scan for information about the different species planted there.
Image Source: Wakefield Express
We've just read an article in the Wakefield Express about how Wakefield Council have introduced Quick Response (QR) codes to their trees, to help share tree information to walkers. We think its a great concept but what do you think?...

Visitors to the arboretum at Newmillerdam Country Park can use their smartphones to get instant answers about 80 different tree species. If they simply scan a QR code next to each tree they will taken to a website where they can find out how each tree got its name and where it originated.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Some of the World's Most Beautiful Tree Bark?

We've been looking at tree bark images recently for our ezytreev profile on Pinterest, and we stumbled across Photographer Cedric Pollet, who travels around the world capturing the beauty of trees. He's barking up the right ones by the looks of these bark images!

Come take a closer look...


Monday, 7 January 2013

Flooding & Tree Disease Prompts Reaction from Lecturers

Flooding & Tree Disease Prompts Reaction from Lecturers at
Northumberland College. Image Source: Trip Advisor
Lecturers at Northumberland College are responding to flooding and the ash dieback tree disease by tailoring courses to ensure the future workforce have the skills to deal with such issues.

David Wear, programme area leader for plants and environment at the Kirkley Hall campus, said: “Our lecturing teams are constantly adapting courses to cover current environmental issues in the land-based sector, such as ash dieback, to ensure that students have current knowledge and experience needed to enter employment."